AC Installation

Plumbing Leak Detection in Long Island, NY

In order to fix any leaking issue with your plumbing systems, faucets, showers, or more, hiring the right professionals in leak detection in Long Island, NY, is the best solution. You may suspect something is off about your plumbing system, however, if leaks have crept into your home, there may be a few warning signs. Call Benitez Plumbing Heating and Cooling Systems to identify and repair leaks in your residential or commercial property. 

We Provide All Types of AC Installation

Central air conditioning unit ready for installation

Central Air Conditioning

When you need to cool your entire home or commercial property, our air conditioning service in NYC installs complete central air conditioning systems with a life-long guarantee. Central AC units have become very popular, but If something were to go wrong during the installation, your entire system would suffer the consequences, so make sure to protect yourself from faulty work through our vetted professionals.

Classic window AC unit outside a residential townhouse in Long Island

Window Unit Air Conditioners

Window AC units are installed —you guessed it— on windows or a hole in the wall. If you’re on a budget, these units will help you save a lot of money, not only on the upfront purchase cost but also on energy bills, as they are energy-efficient. It is a compact option for cooling individual rooms, in case you don’t want to cool your entire home. Pairing it with professional AC installation in Long Island will also save you repair costs in the future.

Technician testing an AC mini split after installation

Mini-Split AC Systems

One of the most popular and convenient cooling choices has got to be mini-split systems. These are composed of an indoor and outdoor unit. There are ductless and ducted options as well. Still, the most important thing to remember is that proper AC installation in Long Island is a must for everything to run smoothly. Thankfully, you know you will obtain it through Benitez Plumbing Heating & Cooling Systems.

Why Choose Our AC Installation Technicians?

An air conditioning system is a significant investment. Because it relies on proper installation to be efficient and durable, you want to secure the best AC installation in Long Island. At Benitez Plumbing Heating & Cooling Systems, we care as much as you about your comfort and investment, and we can protect both through:

License & Insurance

100% Customer Satisfaction

Vetted AC Technicians

11+ Years of Experience

Local Code Compliant

Top Rated AC Installation at Competitive Prices!

Cooling your property shouldn’t cost a fortune. With Benitez Plumbing Heating & Cooling Systems, it won’t. Our comprehensive and prompt solutions for superior AC installation in Long Island, NY, and Nassau County are available at the most competitive prices for residential and commercial clients.

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